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Ossur Webshop: The BioSkin® Standard Ankle Skin™ Ankle Support with wrap, is a comfortable and low profile way of controlling swelling, whilst supporting ankles with minor instability. Like the Standard Ankle Skin the ankle suppoort is designed to offer compression following injury, helping to manage inflammation which in turn can reduce pain and enhance mobility. The ankle wrap however offers an additional level of stability, with the strap acting as an external ligament which can help when it is difficult to bear weight. This ensures that the joint is fully protected and reduces the risk of you rolling your ankle when active which could lead to a more serious grading of sprain. Which BioSkin material is the brace available in? Ultima 2s™ Offering a soft and comfortable feeling against the skin with their patented Soft Skin™ material. BioSkin Ultima 2s Soft Skin material has a soft, micro-fleece lining to provide extra softness against the skin. Ultima 2s is used in BioSkin Ankle Skins™, Wrist Skins™, and as an option behind the knee for Knee Skins. Features: Super soft, micro-fleece lining Lightweight Thin For more information on why the material is so unique visit our BioSkin page.

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