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Ossur Webshop: The Airform® Stirrup Ankle Brace offers a low profile pneumatic design which dramatically increases stability, without the rolling and swaying experienced in other stirrups. The stirrup works to minimise inversion and eversion movements of the ankle i.e. preventing you from rolling your ankle and causing further damage to the ligaments with the plastic inserts sitting at either side of the joint. When remaining mobile despite there being instability in the joint there is an increased risk of further damage being sustained which can increase your recovery time, with grade 3 injuries often resulting in surgery to remedy. An ankle brace can be used to cater for a variety of conditions, from mild sprains and strains to post operative use as well as in the management of a variety of sporting injuries, giving you the protection you need to enable you to get back on the field of play faster. Diagnosis is essential following an ankle injury in order to establish the severity of the injury which can influence the treatment options available to you and the correct level of ankle support is identified. Application Instructions Instructions for use are available here.

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